Creating a website requires a good starting point. If you start with a simple website containing the essential pages, you will establish a good foundation for growth. Churches, non-profits, clubs, and small businesses all have different goals and different target markets. Within each group, every organization will have a unique focus too.

Minimum Essentials

Most visitor-oriented or customer-focused sites should have two standard pages. This is not rocket science, but it is overlooked more often than you might think.

A contact form: Include a contact form and other contact information so visitors can ask questions and learn more about you. Email forms are great, but I feel it is important to offer a phone number and mailing address too.

Information about you: Tell your visitors about you and your organization. This little piece of information may never be the focal point of your site, but it gives it a personal touch. When you meet someone in person, do you ask about them? If you are interested in something, you naturally want to learn more about it. The same principle works on the web.

Organization Essentials

Each organization type has different foundational needs. The following list contains simple ideas to help you find the best pages to start a new website: