Improve Your Productivity On Twitter! The more time I spend using Twitter the more I realize that I could easily use it all day long. Fortunately, a few months ago I started using SocialOomph to manage multiple twitter accounts. This time saving tool has helped me manage followers. Managing twitter followers takes less than 5 minutes to review and respond to more than 200 new followers every day across multiple accounts. But there is so much more that SocialOomph can do!

I have drafted several frequent tweets that I  schedule and modify as I see fit. This allows me to tweet while I work at my regular day job. Why would you schedule a tweet when the motto of twitter is What are you doing right now? Well, if I know I am doing something in a few hours I can plan accordingly. For example, I might arrive at a hiking trail and tweet while I am hiking. I know it is simplistic, but you can take it to the next level in business. If you are launching a product you can schedule regular updates, set a daily countdown, and announce when you are launched. This simple automation allows you to focus on the product and the launch while keeping your followers engaged. And after you launch you can quickly review the @mentions, DMs, and other keywords.

I know there is much more that SocialOomph and Twitter can do to help my business and my fun life. I am going to scratch a little past the surface soon!