Wordpress and NextGen Gallery OverviewThis is a short demonstration showing how to display galleries, albums and pictures from a NextGen gallery in a post or a page. This tutorial assumes you already have images in a gallery and the gallery is associated with an album. If you don’t have this done, see the article Adding Images using NextGen Gallery. It demonstrates how to: <<<VIDEO COMING SOON>>>

  • Add a gallery to a new post
  • Add an album to a new post
  • Add a picture to a new post
  • Associate a gallery with a page from the gallery manager.

You can add a gallery or album to a post or a page. Let’s assume you want to add your gallery to a post. This is common, as you might create a gallery with images from your recent trip. You might also create a post telling your readers about your trip. To wrap it all in a nice bow you should put your trip gallery in your trip post. Make sense? Here’s how you do it.

  1. Create a new post. Give it a title and write the main body.
  2. Click on the NextGen Gallery icon Gallery Toolbar Icon in the editor toolbar
  3. Choose the gallery and select how you want to display it.

    Gallery Selection Dialog

    • The image list will show all the images in the gallery.
    • The Slideshow will show a slideshow of all the images in the gallery.
    • The imagebrowser will show a single image and allow the user to navigate through all the images.
  4. Click Insert.
  5. Save and view the post.

The steps to add a gallery to a page are nearly the same.

What if we wanted to add an album to a page? It is almost the same as adding a gallery.

Add an album

  • The extended version will show a single gallery on a row. You’ll see more details too.
  • The compact version will show as many galleries as possible on a single row.

You can also add a single image to a page. This may not be the best way to add an image to a post. You should use the regular media manager for this. However, if you have an image that is already part of a gallery this is useful. That way you don’t need to add the image to your website twice.

Add a picture