Free Website

If you are a small church, non-profit, club or business we want to create a free website for you.

Don’t believe us? Think there is a catch? Think we’re crazy? Well, you will soon see that we are serious about the free website and we are perfectly sane!

Why are we creating a free website?

Have you ever searched for a local church, small non-profit or business? You will quickly see that it is a mess out there! So many websites are inadequate, broken, and outdated. It is our mission to help build a solid online foundation for smaller organizations.

What will we create for you?

We will create a professional website with up to 5 pages. One of the pages must contain your organization’s contact information.  Each page can have text and/or images. You can update each page using an easy-to-use online editor.

We will create your website using the latest version of WordPress. We also install and configure the most helpful WordPress plugins.

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

WordPress is good for both of us!

We build many websites with WordPress and help people with it every day. It establishes a solid foundation and allows for significant expansion and growth. If you look around the web, you will see that WordPress is helping many churches and organizations to build very powerful websites.

The WordPress community provides help for everyone. This means that you can learn WordPress and realize how powerful it really is — or you can let us manage it for you. We don’t have proprietary secrets to hide from you. Using WordPress enables you to “take” your website with you if you choose to move it later. Moving a WordPress site is not difficult — it is really very simple.

We hope you stay and grow with us, but we won’t hold your site hostage or make it hard for you to move. After you realize the power of a simple WordPress site we want to help you grow through the next steps and well into the future.

What do you need to do?

  1. Buy a domain name. Use our service to register an inexpensive domain. Our cost to you is less than $10 per year and there is no risk. We won’t own your domain, you will. We won’t control your domain, you will. If you already have a domain registered, you may transfer it (we will help). You will need to change the DNS settings to point to your free website.
  2. Choose a website theme. We have several themes available to choose from and we can install almost any WordPress theme. See our Free Church Website Demo for some examples or visit the WordPress Themes Directory for hundreds of choices.
  3. Identify your foundational pages. A good foundation is important for a website. Review our information on essential website pages where we describe the elements of a good website foundation. You may choose different pages if you think different pages would suit your organization better.
  4. Gather the website content. Create the text for each page and identify the images that support the text. This can be done in various formats. This step is important to ensure you create a good website! We will not create a website that has blank pages and “coming soon”.
  5. Send us the information requesting the website. Once we receive your package it should take 2-4 days to complete the website. If we have any questions or suggestions we will work with you to get it right. Once the site is created , you will have full control to manipulate the content.
  6. Review the web site and change your DNS settings. After we send you the draft website link, you should review the site. At this point, we can help you adjust the content so you will learn how to maintain it. Don’t worry, it is pretty simple. Once you feel it is ready, you simply change the DNS settings to publish your website.

Use our Free Website Request Template to gather your website information.

What happens after we receive your request?

After you send your request we will:

  1. Review your information. We will make sure you have provided us the necessary information. If we see opportunities for improvement we may suggest (respectfully). If we have questions, we will contact you quickly.
  2. Create your website. We will create your website and add the content you provided.
  3. Send you the draft website link to review. This will be a temporary link that we can use during the review process.
  4. Provide simple directions to change your Domain Name Server settings. Changing your domain name server is not difficult. If you already have a domain name you should transfer it to an account at HolyWebHosts. If you have any trouble we are here to help. We will share a short video showing the steps at HolyWebHosts.

Feel free to ask us questions at any time. We are here to help!

Details, Rules, Restrictions, Limitations, Etc.

We reserve the right to refuse a free website to anyone. If we feel your content is offensive, we will respectfully reject your request. Discretion is advised. This free service is intended for churches, non-profits, clubs, and small businesses. We will not host inappropriate content.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. Have I said that enough yet? This really is free and we are serious about helping you. We are confident you will be happy. We hope that you stick with us and allow us to help you when you decide it is time to grow. But if you move on, we’ll be just as happy knowing that we helped “Your Name Here” get a start on the web…and look at them now!