Before you create your club website, make a plan. Start with a simple and clean website and don’t create more than your club is able to keep current. As your club increases interest increase your website features.

As you plan your site, consider the following items that we feel are essentials for every club website. This list helps to set a solid foundation that can be built on in the future.

Club Website Essentials – The Club Website Foundation:

  • Mission:
    • Tell your visitors why you exist. List the standard Vision, Mission, Goals, etc.
  • About Us:
    • Describe how the club started, list the leadership with short bios
  • Join:
    • Explain how interested members can join and attach a form that can be printed and mailed in.
  • Contact Us:
    • Includes an email contact form, organization phone number and address. Directions using Google maps (optional).