Race Pro Products

Race Pro Products

Race Pro Products Company is a full service manufacturing and distribution company dedicated to serving the needs of Supermarket Chains, Convenience Store Distribution, Automotive Distributors and the Economy / Dollar Store Markets.

Race Pro Products Company offers a complete line of professionally formulated “Oils, Lubricants, Window Wash, Antifreeze, Coolants and Additives“ in dynamic packages for maintenance and enhanced performance of motor vehicles, marine vessels and industrial machinery.

Now, you want to learn more About the website and what makes it tick. . .

Race Pro Products is a custom designed website built on the foundation of WordPress. The client wanted a clean website that established consistent branding across the products and marketing information. As a company that sold chemicals, Race Pro required a way to provide Material Specification Data Sheets (MSDS) and other product details. Finally, vendors needed to obtain additional information through an access controlled vendor portal.

Go click around RaceProProducts.com and let us know what you think!



Mommyship – Where Moms Meet to Fellowship

Mommyship.com is a a website for the expecting mommy, new mom and experience mother. User registration allows moms to add articles in their own Mommy Blog. There are many categories with articles containing helpful tips and tricks from moms and for moms.

International Christian Cycling Club

International Christian Cycling Club

About The International Christian Cycling Club

The International Christian Cycling Club supports hundreds of cyclists across the world. Professional bicycle racers in several countries ride thier bikes wearing the Christian Cycling Jersey. Many of the clubs in the United States sponsor clubs in countries through Europe, Africa and Asia.

International Christian Cycling Club (IC3)

Redesign in progress with complete social media integration

Features of the IC3 Website

The main Christian Cycling Club website is based on Joomla. The initial design was static HTML. I migrated everything to Mambo several years ago. When Mambo and Joomla parted ways I chose the Joomla path.

Some interesting features:

  • Online registration – members can pay annual membership dues online using paypal or a credit card
  • Member-specific access areas – access is controlled to several areas just for paid members
  • Member only eCommerce solution – allows coordination of group buys through club sponsors
  • Forum
  • Member profiles act as a member directory (access controlled)
  • Calendar to share events across the different spokes (or chapters)

Other interesting items:

  • Email is managed using google aps and there is a  unique area that leverages google aps capabilities to help the Spoke Directors and Executive Board collaborate.
  • We use constant contact for our membership newsletter
The Schweitzer’s Place

The Schweitzer’s Place

The Schweitzer’s Place is a personal blog for Brad and Deanna Schweitzer. This simple blog is where we share some of the fun and personal events from our lives.

The layout and colors on this site change like the wind. It is a constant experiment…