Directory Plugins for WordPress

There are several Link Directory or Business Directory plugins for WordPress. As a long-time Joomla user I really like to use SOBI on my Joomla sites. In my adventures in WordPress I started to search something similar to SOBI. So far, I haven’t had a lot of luck. I did give each of following a good test run and started a comparison. There is hope in this area and I have patience. Each time I try one again I will update this page…and if you have some notable information to add to the comparison, please let me know!

WordPress Link Directory

This is the first directory plugin that I installed and the first one I put into production (see the Pet Directory). It configures simply and works great. It has a nice landing page that shows all of the link categories. The only catch is that you have to trick it a bit to make permalinks work. Creating a custom style sheet took less than two minutes and I haven’t hit any errors yet.

Notable Features:

  • Nice Directory landing page.
  • Automatic Page Rank Checking.
  • Featured listing option. Make some revenue from your link directory.
  • Reciprocal link checking that can be configured based on page rank.


This Directory plugin is OK. It appears that the version that I downloaded didn’t populate the directory page and the submit form layout. This just meant I had to create the submission form and layout page manually. It would have been nice to have a default page created. This is not a big deal, but it does take several minutes to setup. The configuration is well organized. Links can be added through the admin pages, but each link must be activated — no matter who enters the link.

Notable Features:

  • Captcha enabled
  • Collects address information, but only displays it — doesn’t do anything with it yet.
  • Shrink the Web Image enabled

Business Directory

There is not much functionality available in the administrator area. At first glance it is confusing as the installation requires going to the developer website.  You need to manually create two pages, one page for the directory and a second one for the submission form. There is not any configuration available through the admin area. To add a link, go to the submission form on the front end of the site. There are quite a few fields including: Name, email, org name, org description, keywords, org website, org email, phone and address. After submitting the entry, you can review, approve or delete the listing in the admin area. The new entry appears in the directory. The address information does not appear to do anything at this point in time.

Notable Features:

  • Address information is collected, but not used. I’d expect a future update to activate this.
  • The layout is clean, but it links directly to the site rather than a secondary information page.

WP-Business Directory

I was not able to make this one work.


For an internet directory this should become a good option. When I first tried this plugin it seemed to be buggy. It is not ready for use, but looks like the developer is packing it full of features. The author is definitely making progress with this plugin.  I like how the links were part of the standard WordPress links. The part that initially confused me was finding it there. All of the other link directories had their own area for links and I was just “trained” to look in a different area.  It also did not have a nice landing page showing all the link categories, but the revision created a list at the top of the directory page. There is some styling necessary to clean it up, but this is still a young plugin. I expect some great things from this link directory.

Notable Features:

  • Features include checking for dead links — Nice!
  • Allows creation of link tags

Open Links Directory

This is a simple directory with a nice layout. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out and it did not produce any errors. I submitted a site and it took a little time to figure out how to  make it appear in the directory. This one has some potential and I plan to look at it again in the future.

Notable Features:

  • Nice Directory landing page
  • Page rank checker

Which WordPress directory plugin do you use and for what purpose?

Church Domain Name Registration

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How to Choose a Domain Name

Before you spend time choosing a domain name take a few minutes to prepare. Think about some of the following questions and make note of the answers. The more information and descriptive detail you have for your organization the better you will find the best available domain name. Don’t let the search discourage you. There are still many good names out there.

  1. Is your organization a church, business, non-profit club,  family, or something else?
    • Non-profit clubs and churches may consider using .org instead of .com. While .com is by far the most popular Top Level Domain (TLD) there are many other reasonable choices. Even though many users are “trained” to enter instead of the other TLDs. If your target market is already part of your group then the TLD is less important. If you are really looking to grow our organization using the .com TLD is much more important.
  2. Where is your organization located? You may include the town, state, region, etc.
  3. How do you verbally tell others about your organization? Can you do it in a few short sentences?
    • What keywords or other attributes do you use to describe your organization. Is it “on the hill” or “east of the river.” Is it “family oriented”, “bible based”, “professional or amature”
  4. Is your organization part of a larger parent organization?
    • If you are a chapter of a larger organization you may want to use the parent in the domain name. If you are part of a particular denomination you may consider using Baptist as part of the domain name.
  5. What acronyms have you used in the past?
    • Is your organization a long name that is often referred to with an acronym?
  6. How do your employees, customers, members, etc refer to your organization?
    • Nicknames may be a good option.
  7. Do you have a mascot?
    • If you have Larry the Lizard as a club mascot he might come in handy during your search.
  8. If you were searching for your organization what would YOU search for?
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