Many web servers have a file size upload limit. If you have large audio or video files you may need to upload your files using FTP.

Before you begin you will need the following:

  • Your FTP server:
  • FTP username: yourName
  • FTP user password: example4Pass1w0rd
  • Location of the large file(s) on your hard drive. These files should NOT have spaces or special characters. I think it is a good practice, avoids potential problems, and simplifies troubleshooting.

Upload the files using FTP:

  1. Launch your favorite FTP client and log into your FTP server.
  2. Navigate to the Sermon Browser Upload folder. The default folder is wp-content/uploads/sermons/
    • Note: For most of my customers I set the base FTP directory as the Sermon directory. This means that you will not need to locate the sermons folder (you are already in it).
  3. Locate the file(s) on your hard drive.
  4. Upload the file(s) and wait for the upload to complete.

Verify the files are found in the Sermon Browser:

This verification step is not mandatory, but it is a good idea to check that you can see the files in the Uploads area.

    1. Log into your WordPress site
    2. Click on Sermons on the lower right part of the page
    3. Click on Uploads underneath Sermons.
    4. The files should be listed as Unlinked files

      Add a Sermon and choose the file. This step is the same as adding a sermon the regular way but you choose an existing file rather than upload one.