Adding a product your WP Shopping Cart is pretty simple. Here are the basic instructions. If you find you are in need of more details, please ask.

  1. Log into your WordPress website
  2. From the Dashboard, click e-Commerce to expand it.
  3. Click on Products
  4. Click on the Add Product link at top of page
  5. Fill in the Product Details with all of your product information. The Product Details section contains the following fields:
    • Title
    • Stock Keeping Unit or SKU (optional) – this should be a unique identifier for this particular product.
    • Price
    • Description
    • Additional Description (optional)
  6. Fill in the Categories and Tags. The Categories and Tags section contains the following fields:
    • Groups – Groups are necessary to organize your store. See Adding Groups to your WordPress e-commerce to learn more.
    • Product Tags
  7. Select the Price and Stock Control options (optional)
  8. Fill in the Shipping Details (optional)
  9. Select the Product Variations.
    • If you have product options select the appropriate options. This might include t-shirt sizes or product colors. See Adding Variations to your WordPress e-commerce for more details.
  10. Fill in the Advanced Options (optional)
  11. Add Product Images (optional – but highly recommended!)
  12. Add the Product Download (optional)
    • If this is an electronic purchase add a file that customers can download.
  13. Click the Add Product button at the bottom of the page to save all of your hard work.

Go to your site and see how it looks. If you see that you need to make changes you can edit your WP Shopping Cart Product.

Your products are published by default.  Presently I do not see how to add an unpushished product. The only way to hide it is to delete it completly.