Adding a sermon using the WordPress Sermon Browser plugin is pretty straight forward. There is additional help available from the Sermon Browser administrator area too.

  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. Click on Sermons on the lower right part of the page
  3. Click on Add Sermon. From the
  4. Enter the sermon Title.
  5. Select the Preacher or select Create new preacher from the drop down.
  6. Enter the sermon Date.
  7. Select the Service or select Create new service from the drop down.
  8. Enter the Time the sermon was preached.
  9. Enter some Tags. Tags are simply descriptive keywords for your sermon. These are free form and help users find related sermons. For example, if you have several sermons that mention the resurrection this might be a good tag.
  10. Select the sermon Series or select Create new series from the drop down.
  11. Add the Bible passage(s):
    1. Select the book of the bible and enter the first chapter and verse.
    2. If the bible passage is more than one verse, select the ending book, chapter and verse.
    3. If you have multiple bible passages add more
  12. Add the sermon Attachments. You can add more than one attachment using multiple formats. You can add a PDF, Word Document, PowerPoint Presentation, audio files and/or video files. Files may be added in multiple ways:
    1. Choose existing file: Use this option if you already uploaded a file. This is handy for large files that you added using FTP.
    2. Upload a new one: If you file is under the server size limit you can upload the file now.
    3. Enter a URL: If the file exists on the web already, you can enter the file URL.
    4. Enter embed code: This is handy for YouTube files and other services that have embed codes.